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Digital Land Survey

Digital Land Survey

DIGITAL LAND SURVEYS are conducted to establish the exact location, boundaries, or subdivision of a tract of land in any specified area. This type of survey requires professional registration in all states. Presently, land surveys generally consist of the following chores:

Establishing markers or monuments to define and thereby preserve the boundaries of land belonging to a private concern, a corporation, or the government
Rerunning old land survey lines to determine their lengths and directions. As a result of the high cost of land, old lines are remeasured to get more precise measurements
Calculating areas, distances, and directions and preparing the land map to portray the survey data so that it can be used as a permanent record.

We provide following digital land survey:

  • Topographical (Contour) Surveys
  • GPS Surveys
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Boundary Setting Out
  • Legal Mapping
  • 3D Ground Modelling
  • Volume Analysis
  • AS Constructed Surveys

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